The professional developers’ team for projects related to mobile applications and web services in outsourcing terms offer the following services:

  • team of 3 to 12 specialists
  • planning terms and work steps
  • contractual relationships

Advantages of outsourcing teams

  •  you can focus on your own business processes
  • the area of development responsibility will be based entirely on us
  • we involve gained valuable experience; it allows us to solve your business problems
    new solutions

Outsourcing web service provides rental specialist or team for a certain time or for a certain project. This approach related to IT solving problems is very common in the West and in recent years have increasingly used in our country.

What are the other solutions instead of outsourcing and why it is not always the solution?

  1. Hiring an employee (incommensurable material and time costs with the result, major risks concerning expertise and professionalism)
  2. Hiring freelancers (extremely high percentage of non-professionals, high risk of project failure and loss of time)
  3. Cooperation with the company (each company has own business process, you must take it into consideration and adapt it during design model)


Why outsourcing is the best solution?

  1. no need for additional workplace
  2. no need for professional equipment, which in a short period of time will be inappropriate
    3. time saving for candidates searching and interviewing
  3. no problems with the evaluation of the professional level
  4. no problems with workflow and quality control

You get a separate specialist or a team that works exclusively with your project; professional, well organized and communicated team that performed dozens of projects together.
What do you get?

  • qualitative project expertise and consulting
  • high professional level
  • technology (specialists of middle / upper middle / senior level)
    • PHP (Codeigniter, Yii, Yii2, Zend Framework, Zend Framework2, Laravel) /
    • Ruby (Rails, Sinatra) /
    • HTML 5 (bootstrap, foundation, Adaptive Layout and Responsive Layout)/
    • CSS 3.0 /
    • E-commerce (PayPal API, WorldPay API, Klarna API, Postpac API, BrainTree API, Magento CMS, OpenCart CMS, OSCommerce CMS, Amazon Shop API, Ebay Shopping API, Google Checkout API etc…)/
    • Javascript /AJAX (jQuery, NodeJS, BackboneJS, AngularJS) /
    • DataBases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Cassandra, MSSQL, MongoDB, Oracle) / API integration /
    • С++ (Winapi, DX, SDL, OpenGL, boost, openCV), LUA, Irlicht + Ogre3d
  • As well as designers / copywriters /  project managers
  • High level of project protection from external interferences
  • the ability to connect your CRM system for accounting work and process automation