Business analysis task is to identify business needs and develop the most effective IT solutions. Business analysis is rarely used in projects with a limited budget; however, this phase of IT development allows saving at least 10-40% of the budget and optimizes development time.

Business analysis includes the following steps:

  1. Identify the needs of the client.
  2. The concept solutions.
  3. Design concept in the terms of reference with clear requirements to the project. It uses various methods of business analysis – construction of processes and structures models, prototype interface, and behavior scenario.


At this step you can find out the amount and the duration of work.


  1. Drill requirements – specification.
  2. Programmers and testers advice during product development and discussions with the client.


Business analyst responsibilities

– Analysis of client business needs;

– Preparation of future product requirements (communication with stakeholders – developers, clients and end users);

– Requirements analysis (use of different methodologies and notations – prototyping, questionnaires, surveys, brainstorming, analysis of existing documentations, competitors);

– Problem areas analysis and suggestions for improvement;

– Requirements formalizing (separation requirements into business, functional, non-functional and specification writing requirements);

– Requirements management (processing change requests, analysis and impact description on existing requirements);

– Broadcast requirements between developer and client.